Trouble on Teral

Cover - Mark and Windracer

From the moment he arrives at the spaceport on Teral 4, Mark begins to think that perhaps running away to a strange planet to confront his mother about her increasing estrangement from the family is not one of his brightest ideas. But when his Mom cancelled his visit to her archaeological dig there he felt he had no choice. Now he wasn't so sure. When his Dad, a Colonel in the UN Peacekeepers found out he was going to go ballistic.

If he could speak to his Mom perhaps he could still smooth things over. Unfortunately for Mark the Llarst have taken his Mom and the other archaeologists hostage. Losers in the last war with Earth, if the Llarst find what the archaeologists had discovered all of Earth will be in danger.

With just the assistance of Windracer, a young, reptilian on her first a vision quest, and her elephant-sized groundhog mount he has to rescue his mother and her friends, stop the Llarst, and face his Dad. Piece of cake...


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