The Honor Series

The Cross-Temporal Empire is under attack - they just don't know it yet

After eighty years of total war the remnants of humanity on the Nayarit line struggled to survive in sealed domes, surrounded by radioactive wasteland and genetically engineered viruses. It was in the last, desperate years of the war that the first trans-temporal portal was developed at Chiqu, a small, secret research facility holding out on the eastern flanks of the great chain of mountains that rise dramatically above the Interior Plains of central North America. As the domes finally failed and civilisation collapsed around them, Iapura led 53 survivors from Chiqu to found a new empire on a parallel Earth. An Earth where, in 1884, Russian and English armies faced each other across America's Great Plains, totally unprepared for the technology of the conquering Nayarit.

Over the next 90 years Iapura's Empire expanded steadily across a series of parallel Earths, absorbing and conquering until it included over 53 separate lines. Finally, however, with its technology stagnant, its ruling council riven by dissent, and no clear successor to the First Leader who lay sick and dying, the Cross-Temporal Empire (C-T E) found itself sliding irrevocably into five years of civil-war. A civil war that pitched the C-T E's ruling families against each other in a bitter, internecine feud that almost destroyed it.

Now, three years after the end of the war and the events described in the Clemhorn Sunrise, the Empire struggles to rebuild itself under a new dynasty, the Clemhorns. But the C-T E is under attack - they just don't know it yet.

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