The Portal Adventures

Available 2020 from Peasantry Press

The Portal Adventures are a young adult (middle grade), action Science Fiction series set in the gritty and believable world of the Human Hegemony. The Hegemony is a loose confederation of worlds joined by the ‘Gates’, human technology that allows instantaneous travel between its Stations. The open ended series is a combination of Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries and Andre Norton’s juvenile speculative fiction and presently consists of three books.

Cover - Trouble on Teral

The first book in the series is Trouble on Teral.

Perhaps running away from home had not been one of Mark's brightest ideas. But when his Mom cancelled his visit to her archaeological dig on another planet he felt he had no choice. Now, with his Mom and the other archaeologists taken hostage by the Llarst, he has to rescue her and her friends, stop the Llarst, and face his Dad.

Cover - Crisis at Calista Station

The second book is Crisis At Calista Station.

Tania is getting tired of moving every time her Mom changes jobs. It had happened ever since her Dad had died. Then her Mom gets the job as the security officer on Calista Station and Tania meets Mark, and his friends Windracer, and Shr'un. When Shr'un's father and Tania's Mom disappear, it is up to Tania and her new friends to solve the mystery.

Blank Cover - The Time Garden

The third book is Vortex on Vertu Prime.

Tania doesn't know what is worse, acquiring a bossy teddy-bear called Edward, or being thrown backwards in time by a temporal warp generator with her friends Mark and Windracer. Now, with Edward's power dangerously low, the three children must reach the generator and turn it off before it destroys the planet.

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