Crisis at Calista Station

Cover - Crisis at Calista Station

Tania was getting tired of having to change schools every time her Mom changed jobs. It had happened every year since Tania's Dad had died. But this time she had gone too far and dragged Tania away with her on a temporary posting as the senior security officer on Calista Station.

Things start to look up for Tania when she meets Mark and his friends Windracer and Shr'un. Windracer is an apprentice mediator, there to observe trade talks, while Shr'un's father is a technician for Malachi Mining, the same company Tania's Mom works for. But all is not as it seems, as Star-stones, gems forged in the heart of a dying sun, are disappearing from the Station. When Shr'un's father disappears it appears that he has been one of those responsible for stealing the gems. Then things go from bad to worse when Tania's Mom disappears as well. Now it is up to Tania, Windracer, and Shr'un, with a little help from Shr'un's highly illegal AI, to solve the mystery and rescue their parents.


PRE-ORDER NOW - released 29 September.

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