Book 3 in the Clemhorn Trilogy

Cover - ClemhornSunrise

Two years after her abortive invasion of America, Ivy is waging an increasingly bitter guerrilla war against her brother, Arnold. Meanwhile, Arnold, starved of offline support and facing his own inner demons is becoming increasingly disconnected from reality.

On the Mmbuto é line Conrad struggles to balance the role of husband, father, and commander. While Conrad's series of hit and run raids against the Etehad Sho'mali have taken their toll of the enemy, they remain able to initiate raids at will and Conrad appears no closer to eventual victory. His problems are compounded by Donald’s worsening health. Donald has never recovered from wounds incurred during their failed attack on the Mainline, and his only chance of survival is surgery on an advanced line.

Now, a new alliance offers them one final throw of the dice. But victory will require the supreme sacrifice.

Will they finally succeed in a war that has set sibling against sibling and almost destroyed the Empire?

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