Book 2 in the Clemhorn Trilogy

Cover - ClemhornNadir

Soon after Iapura led fifty-three survivors to found a new empire on a parallel Earth; he sought to expand that Empire to the Mmbuto é. It was an attempt that did not end well for either party, and led to the Edict that banned any contact with an advanced line.

Now, fleeing the surprise attack by Miro and his new allies; Donald, Conrad and their father find themselves having to seek the aid of the Mmbuto é, a line that has no cause to love the Cross-Temporal Empire. But they have no choice if they are to gain the allies they need for their return, knowing that they cannot risk another failure.

Meanwhile Ivy must fight a solitary war on Etu, facing attacks on two fronts, and Arnold’s very personal treachery.

Can they prevail in a war that has set sibling against sibling and shattered the very foundations that bound the Empire together.

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